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Tips for success in face-to-face sales(Successful visitor)

Tips for success in face-to-face sales!

Visitor is the face-to-face sales, sellers who go to stores and shops to sell products (food, health, etc.) will have. Every visitor wants the volume of orders he receives to be as large as possible. In this article, we will tell you 4 practical tips to increase sales, which can lead to an increase in orders.

One of the most important points in this profession is to have a well-groomed appearance:

Unfortunately, it is sometimes seen that people in this job make a visit with completely unfavorable condition and clothing. We often see the visitor entering the store with a casual outfit, a completely tired and confused face, and with this condition, he expects to receive a large order. Many times, sellers do their best to drive this visitor out of the store. It is necessary for a visitor to wear appropriate clothes (not necessarily expensive) and to pay special attention to the neatness of his head and face. If you are a visitor, you should dress as if you are going to a party or an important appointment. Professional visitors always wear a proper and neat outfit. One of the most important parts of clothing is shoes. If we wear the right shoes, we can create this impression in the mind of the audience that we are organized and professional.The visitor's bag is not excluded from this category, and it should be clean and healthy, as well as tidy inside. If the bag is torn or dirty, the worst thing is that sometimes a visitor to find a pen or invoice slips and searches his bag for a few minutes, and this is done right on the table in front of the store owner. This situation is not pleasant at all in front of the store owner.

Self-confidence and power of expression:

Some visitors say to the storekeepers in a low and slightly anxious tone upon arrival: "Are you going to order this product?" Or they say: Do you have a new order today? And shopkeepers usually refuse to answer. One of the elements required by a visitor is high self-confidence and strong and professional expression. A professional visitor must be able to speak beautifully, know the principles of expression, and know how to use verbal subtleties and the principles of charm in speaking. His cries can be heard.The next thing that is important is the choice of sentences, the professional visitor does not use the trivial and simple sentences that everyone uses, the visitor must first of all see the small and large amount of his products by looking at the store. , the visitor should not go directly to the sales, first talk a little and then say that you do not have a certain product on the shelf, should I place an order for 2 cartons? Don't forget that the use of positive phrases will affect your sales, negative phrases like nothing? It leads the listener to give a negative answer or he orders the minimum amount.

Sales and visits must be done inside the store:

Maybe for any reason the owner of the store is not inside his store and is standing outside, the visitor should not do the visit outside the store under any circumstances. Ask the storekeeper to come into the store, observe the products and then place the order. This can be done very simply but professionally, of course there are different ways, but you can spend a few moments talking with the owner of the store, right outside the store, but not talking about sales, but talking about miscellaneous things and when the opportunity was right, Ask the store owner to come inside the store to check the items that need to be sold. Inside the store is a good place to sell your products and the store owner can make better and easier decisions in this place.

Never interrupt the shopkeeper's conversation with the customer:

Be sure that neither you, nor the products you sell, are the most important priority of the store owner's business, and certainly the customer is also important for the store owner. Therefore, when the customer is in the store and talking to the store salesperson, you should never enter into their conversation. This will make you an unprofessional and annoying visitor. Many times, in order to finish the conversation between the seller and the customer of the store sooner and to be able to do their own work, visitors enter the conversation between the seller and the customer in order to help the seller and get the customer out of the store faster. . This is a big mistake, in these cases, try not to even stand next to them and walk around the store, check the stock status of the products you are selling, and if their arrangement is inappropriate, put them in order.You have to wait until the seller and the customer finish talking, this way you can do the order registration with the seller better, easier and faster. At the same time, don't forget that other customers may come into the store at the same time, so you should try not to be sidetracked in your conversations and close the issue of order registration as soon as possible.

Of course, by observing the principles of Visitori, you can have better and more sales, and even by observing these four points, you can experience a positive process of sales and order registration, but definitely receiving more complete training can improve you far.