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Guide to buying dishwashing liquid Compatible with the skin and the environment

A guide to buying dishwashing liquid compatible with the skin and the environment!

Doing housework was very time-consuming and difficult until at least a century ago. Women had duties and responsibilities in the family, and preparing food and washing dishes were among the daily tasks they did. Now choosing a good dishwashing liquid from different brands is a concern for you at the time of purchase. Now the question is, despite the great diversity in the production of this detergent and hygiene product, what characteristics should a good dishwashing liquid have?

What characteristics should a good dishwashing liquid have?

Currently, despite the wide variety of detergents and hygiene products, it will be a bit difficult to choose a dishwashing liquid that is excellent in every way. Different advertisements are published every day to introduce detergent and hygiene products. Some emphasize the concentration of dishwashing liquid. In addition, some others consider high cleaning power, foaming power and even less negative effects for health and compatibility with the environment. To choose a good dishwashing liquid, consider the following factors:

Being compatible with the skin:

Detergents usually use a substance called surfactant. This substance plays the main role in cleaning dishes. By using these materials, the surface tension is reduced. On the other hand, this substance can cause skin inflammation and eczema in the hands, especially for people with skin allergies. These people are usually advised to wear gloves while using dishwashing liquid. When buying, pay attention to its ingredients and if you have skin allergies, choose products that do not contain surfactants.

Good smell:

This detergent should have a pleasant aroma and smell, so as to give the consumer a good feeling when using it. It is interesting to know that the materials used in these products usually do not have a pleasant smell, which can be obtained by adding essential oils. These were all the features that a quality dishwashing liquid should have, to distinguish itself among thousands of competitors.

High cleaning power:

A suitable dishwashing liquid should have a high cleaning power to remove grease quickly and completely. The formula of new detergents is designed in such a way that they have the necessary efficiency in cold water. If you have bought a detergent that does not have this feature, avoid buying it again. The amount of use of electrolytes, surfactants and alkanol amides increases or decreases the concentration of dishwashing liquid. On the one hand, high concentration is affordable for users, and on the other hand, as mentioned above, the presence of surfactants causes skin sensitivity. So be sure to wear gloves when using thick detergents.

Quick cleaning of dishwashing liquid

One of the characteristics of a dishwashing liquid is that it should easily remove the foam produced on the dishes by rinsing. Usually, this property is due to the production method and uniform composition of materials in the manufacturing plant. The use of advanced production devices is one of the tools to realize this property. Also, due to the use of foam stabilizing and concentration-increasing substances, such as alkanol amides, dishwashing liquid should have a high foaming power.

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