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Subsidiary companies of Mehr Holding

About Us

About Mehr Holding

Dr. Samad Nouri:

After months and years of effort and practice of each and every one of you, our sympathizers and partners, today we stand at a point where we speak the name of our company and the trade names of our products whit pride and pride in the field of development industry and entrepreneurship of the province. Mehr Holding was established on 2011.08.05 with employment of 8 people and took a step in the field of development of broadcasting industry and entrepreneurship. Now, after years have passed, with 12 diverse companies (health, food, cellulose and a charity center) in subgroup, more than 250 expert personnel and more than 80 suppliers with famous brands, the task of providing optimal services in the sectors We have experienced staying together forever and we proudly claim that we are the heroes of our era and we will continue our way neither proud nor satisfied.

Our vision is to improve our capabilities in the field of human resources, processes and systems, which can be summed up in one sentence: Mehr Holding Company, the home of the best brand names.

-Looking for progress

-Product portfolio diversification

-Suggesting side jobs for the growth of the holding team

Increasing the targeted variety of products in order to increase the market share and stability of increasing the company's sales, branding and promoting the company's brand with the aim of creating a positive mental image, institutionalizing customer orientation and creating added value for customers in order to satisfy customers and plan systematic sales to the store. Chains, hypermarkets, stores and supermarkets are examples of Mehr Holding's efforts to be different.

داستان ما

Our success story

- Separation of authority and field of activity and performance of the CEO and executive director of the organization according to the statutes and description of duties.
- The approach of meritocracy, succession and appreciation
- Training and development
- Adherence to commitments
- Clarification
- Implementation of the cbd 1*3 project
- Creating a sense of family activity

The latest lunched products

2023 Year

Ipek hair washing products

2023 Year

Sunstar food products

2021 Year

Baraka food products

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Our holding services:

Professional and efficient managers:

The holding company uses expert managers in each of its subsidiaries to achieve higher profitability. This is done through the use of shares in the election of the board of directors

Loan payment guarantee:

The repayment of the loans received by the holding company is done through the capital of the subsidiary companies. For this reason, the subsidiary companies and their capital put the holding company in a position where it can answer its financial problems even in case of bankruptcy.

Location of subsidiary companies:

The holding company can use the advantages and privileges of its subsidiary companies. This company operates by uniting the capital and power of small companies in large and international activities.

Benefit from tax exemptions:

Familiarity with the tax exemption law can open up new opportunities for economic operators and, on the other hand, help in all-round development. One of the advantages of holding is that, according to the laws, tax exemptions are given to parent companies, and we have these advantages effectively.

Diversification in investment:

Bringing capital to holding companies creates capital diversification. Having diversity in capital is one of the recommendations of investment experts, which increases the possibility of increasing capital.

Less risk:

One of the best advantages of a holding company is that they face less common investment risks than other companies. The only risk that may come with these companies. It is an investment that may not be returned.

CEOS of Holding Mehr

Dr.Samad Nuri

CEO of AylinMehr Razi Azarbayjan Co

Mr.Shahram Nuri

CEO of ArtaMehr paydar azarbayjan Co

Mr.payam kotratchi

Director General of Sales and Distribution

Ms.Hajar Neamati

CEO of AydaMehr
Noavaran Azarbayjan Co

Mrs.Erade Shafafi

CEO of Charity Center KaraMehr Sabalan

Mr.Vahid Shahbazi

CEO of IdeTejarat
Rahbord razi Co

Mr. Mehdi shahbazi

CEO of Padidavaran
Neghin Iranian Co

Mr.Navid Nuri

CEO of Draco Co

Mr.Siamak Ahadzade

CEO of Pakhsh Paydar khavarmiane Co

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Mehr Holding is hiring manpower in order to grow. The more we consider our family very important and culture He considers an organization as a model that can be transferred and shared.