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Marketing trick in the distribution company

Sales tricks in the broadcasting company

An experienced marketer in a distribution company knows very well that sales are the result of skillful and good negotiation. Marketing is always like a game of chess, but only if you win at the end.

The important thing that differentiates negotiation in distribution marketing from other businesses is that in this business, both parties must win. This may not happen in the real world. It means that a capillary distribution marketer knows very well that in order to achieve success in sales, he must also consider the feelings of the other party or the same customer. The correct line of thinking in sales negotiations is to create a sense of winning in the customer. Although in practice it is not like this and you have won.

The stages of negotiation for sale are divided into three parts. In each section, the following principles must be followed:

  • Tricks to start negotiations
  • Tricks during negotiation
  • Tricks to end negotiations and achieve results

Tricks to start negotiations for the sale of the goods distribution company

The mentality of some marketers, at the beginning of negotiations, is to save sales at any price. This mentality is injected from the sales management to the sales team. Mistakes in the selection strategy of the product portfolio, the lack of experience of the managers and the traditional thinking of the founders of the distribution company lead to the rush to reach the goal. Unfortunately, this problem is seen a lot in food, detergent and hygiene distribution companies and even major cosmetics distribution companies. Due to the existing competitive market and the variety of brands in this market, managers only think about sales and consider the minimum profit. As a food capillary distribution marketer, you should start negotiating with maximum profit in mind. It means don't lose in advance. The customer starts with the maximum discount. Don't be fooled! From the point of view of psychology, accepting the buyer's first offer from the marketer creates two results in the mind of the customer:
_I could get a better price or offer
_There must be a problem with the product or service
Both issues are detrimental to your long-term relationship with the client. Try not to say anything about the offers of the goods distribution company at first. By fixing the final price, when you give him the offers, you fix the customer for the next time he buys.
Arguments at the beginning of the negotiation create a mental guard in the client, and it will be extremely difficult to remove this guard. One of these cases can be a discussion about your competitor's products. Many distributors and wholesalers visit customers every day. Successful marketing will promote your product and talk about the competitive advantages of your company's product, not talk about others.
Don't beg! There are two situations: First, you work with a broadcast company that offers premium products, which we have discussed in articles on this website. Including the article of the broadcasting company, modern or traditional, which we suggest you must read. Second, you represent a distribution company with excellent products. In this case, the value you place on the company's products and brand can take you one step further at the beginning of sales negotiations.

Tricks during negotiation

Go for the eagle, not the goose!
The worst possible situation is that you continue negotiations with a non-decisive person. In fact, when you negotiate with someone who you will hear from later - I have to talk to the manager and let you know the result - it will actually burn time to your detriment. If this happens, try to stop negotiating with this person. He should know that you are serious about negotiating and that your time is valuable. Get him to connect you to the decision maker. Otherwise, negotiate with the Turk.

Never be the first bidder

Suppose you offer the price of a product to a customer and he asks: How much will it cost? You always try to throw the ball into his court. As long as you offer the new price, he thinks he can get a bigger discount. A professional broadcast marketer does not fall into the customer trap. Let him propose. This will make you create more emotional connection with him and know his mental goal.

The trick to put aside the disputed issue, the advantage of the professional marketer

As a marketer, it must have happened to you that your conversation about a topic with a customer drags on for a long time. In such cases, try to take the discussion to another side and tell the customer, let's leave this issue aside for now. Raise another topic and then go back to the previous product. In capillary marketing, this trick works very well.


Tricks that end the negotiation and start the sale

If the distribution company’s marketing team consists of two people, this is a good way to end the negotiation and start the sale. In this case, like in police movies, one of the marketers plays the role of the good cop and the other plays the role of the bad cop. One of them is serious in negotiating by observing the principles, and the other is a little softer by observing the principles. Be aware that this trick can sometimes be harmful. Experienced professional marketers can get the best results from this method

Creating a sense of honesty closes the way of bargaining!

The marketer of the distribution company should make the hagglers feel that their actions are ugly. Try to make him feel that you are being honest. Do not use behaviors such as swearing or destroying the broadcasting company or showing oppression

Don't look for a draw

At the end of the negotiation, when you see the result ends in a tie, make your last efforts to win in overtime. One of these efforts can be to get more orders. Remember that your income as a marketer will be a commission from the sales of the broadcasting company. Make the last effort for yourself

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