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Artamehr Paydar Azarbayjan Co

About our company

Artamher Paydar Azerbaijan Distribution Company (private joint stock) with CEO Mr. Shahram Nouri and sales manager Mr. Javadmolaei was established in 1996 with more than 40 experienced personnel and more than 3200 customers in all lines in the province with the primary goal of distributing cellulose products. , baby diapers, detergents, and sanitary products, and increasing the market share started its activity in Ardabil province. Artamher Paydar Company of Azerbaijan is one of the main sub-categories of Mehr Holding, by using experienced and trained personnel with an emphasis on ethical and specialized values, it tries to provide the best services for customers and by choosing the best products for distribution, it always tries to satisfy customers at the level Standard. The main center of the company is located in 13th Street, Sanat Street, Shahid Beheshti, Industrial Town, Ardabil, Iran.

Our honors

Over the past years, Artamher Paydar Company of Azerbaijan has been able to become the exclusive representative of Moazzam Pars Hayat Saghlik Arunleri Company (products: Molfix and Bebm baby diapers, Molpad sanitary tape, Julie Ioni adult diapers, and Teno, Papia, and Nelex paper towels) and Pak Hayat Kimia Pars. (Test Detergent Products Group) to get a large share of the detergent and sanitary products market, which tries to increase the market share by attracting other high-quality and reliable brands.

Statistics of what
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The main activity
of our company

The subject of the company's activity according to Article 2 of the company's statutes is as follows: Distribution and distribution of all kinds of food, health, cosmetic products, ready-made containers and in the field of consumer goods, domestic trade and export and administration of all goods are permitted. which has prepared and distributed health and cosmetic items in the given year. And by benefiting from the cooperation of its employees to provide high-quality goods in the minimum time for its customers.
*It also has a comprehensive and complete information bank of customers in the province with more than 3000 active customers.
*has a regular and professional logistics system to distribute cargo in the shortest time.
*has a professional sales system with the benefit of the most up-to-date sales method.