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Aydamehr Noavaran Azarbayjan Co

About our company

We know that food and hygiene items are among the basic daily needs of people, which must be provided and reach the applicants. There are two types of food distribution systems. One is the classic system where the producer usually gives his product to one or more food wholesalers and they distribute the food. The next system, which is a bit newer and can be said to be more efficient, is the capillary food distribution system. This system works in such a way that it delivers the product directly to the customer and there is no middleman involved. In this regard, Aida Mehr Novavaran Azarbaijan company was established in 2019 for the development of capillary distribution, and with more than 25 staff members, it is currently operating as a distribution company for food and health products in Ardabil province. To realize this important issue, Aida Mehr Novavaran Azarbaijan company has always tried to fix its shortcomings and improve its implementation methods by using scientific sales systems and implementing quality management and continuous monitoring systems. The progress of this company in a short period since its establishment is such that it has been promoted to one of the main subgroups of Mehr Holding.

Also, this collection has the honor of being the exclusive representative of the mentioned companies:

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  • Pishdad Niknam Javid company with Tadbak brand
  • Khazar Nanopart company with Nano Nip brand

Statistics of what
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Our services

  • Comprehensive and complete database of customers in the province with more than 2000 active customers
  • It has a regular and professional logistics system to distribute cargo in the shortest time
  • It has a professional sales system with the most up-to-date sales method
  • Development of human resources and implementation of process quality control in all units and organizational levels
  • Executive sales operations based on a comprehensive marketing plan.