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Kara Mehr Sablan Charity Center

About our institution

Kara Mehr Sablan Charitable Center is a non-political, non-profit, and non-commercial organization aimed at synergizing and mobilizing the capabilities of small and large economic enterprises, experts, Boki officials, and others in identifying and exploiting relative and competitive advantages in each region for the development of employment for the underprivileged. and creating a suitable work environment for abusive women and women heads of families, as well as a bridge between business owners and women in need of work. In this center, we are in a circle between needy hands and beating hearts to serve the creation of those who believe that if God is two breads He put it on their table, so he saw it as desirable and worthy of sharing, and they know that if they work together and work hard, they will build a civilized world. In this center, we are active in the field of entrepreneurship by creating a suitable work environment for female heads of the family and abusive women who have high diligence and eat bread from their efforts, so we need the help of thoughtful benefactors who have good intentions to provide a continuous and sustainable livelihood. We push the self-esteem and cultivation of high thinking for the society and we ask for help in this direction. Considering that women have the great mission of motherhood and managers in the shadow of families, especially women who are responsible for a family without a husband and women who are bad managers and have to honorably manage the financial-emotional both outside and inside the family, it is obligatory for us We saw that we are not a slogan but a passion for helping this group, and in this direction, we rely on the efforts of high-minded people...
Ms. Eradeh Shafafi, Executive Director of Karamehr Sabalan Charity Center:
This center is an opportunity for philanthropists who think and believe that the rudder of our world is in the hands of our women.

Institute programs:

  • Creating a specialized training environment for considered jobs
  • Creating an environment of education and counseling for people who enter the work field through this center for proper social relations
  • Counseling and educational guidance and continuous lessons for the education of the children of the families who are included in the work through this institution.
  • Examining personality types and conducting personality courses
  • Recruiting good people who can teach their expertise.