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Padideh Avaran Negin Iranian Co

About our company

Negin Iranian Broadcasting Company (private joint stock) started working in 2019 under the management of Mr. Mehdi Shahbazi. This company is one of the most advanced goods distribution companies in Tehran province. Negin Iranian company, benefiting from the efficient and up-to-date information and communication system, by observing the cold chain, the complete principles of GSP, GDP, and completing its product portfolio, has been able to be a pioneer in the matter of fast, reliable, and 24-hour distribution of goods, especially food products and To achieve the satisfaction and well-being of customers throughout Tehran province.
Also, this collection has the honor of being the exclusive representative of the following companies:
  • Shidan food products
  • Shian food products
  • Thelma cellulose products
  • Kahnush cakes and cookies
  • Sorrel Gelin
  • Espenvi Drinks
  • Seven Drinks

Statistics of what
we have done so far

Year of record
Special personnel
Active Customer

We are proud to benefit from the cooperation of our employees, to supply high-quality products in the shortest time, our customers:

  • Comprehensive and complete database of customers in the province with more than 2000 active customers
  • It has a regular and professional logistics system to distribute cargo in the shortest time
  • It has a professional sales system with the most up-to-date sales method