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Aylinmehr Razi Azarbayjan Co

About our company

Aylin Mehr Razi Azarbaijan Company (special Stock) was established in 2010 with the CEO Dr. Samad Nouri and Sales Manager Payam Kontratchi and with more than 80 expert personnel and more than 4000 customers in all lines in the province with the primary goal of distributing food products. , cosmetics and hygiene, any kind of authorized goods, obtaining representation from domestic and foreign companies establishing a scientific system for food distribution and distribution, and increasing the market share began its activity at the level of Ardabil province. Aylin Mehr Razi Company of Azerbaijan is considered the largest sub-group of Mehr Holding, which is trying to take different and competitive steps in Iranian markets in addition to domestic markets. Aylin Mehr Razi Company of Azerbaijan uses dynamic forces and emphasizes ethical and specialized values to align with modern developments and developments and with appropriate facilities in the field of sales training, marketing, business development, and distribution of reliable and international goods. has an important role in the distribution and sale of various products and is the exclusive agency of Henkel Pak Wash-Farco Chemie-Firouz Health Group-Zar Zarin Industrial Group Jam Marina and other famous domestic and foreign brands.

Our honors

Dear friends, after many years of effort and practice of your dear ones in the field of development of the broadcast industry and entrepreneurship of the province, we are proud to say the name of our company and the trade names of our products. Undoubtedly, this victory and success would not have been achieved without the hard work and efforts of each one of you dear ones, Aylin Mehr Razi Azerbaijan company after 9 years of business development in more than 4 thousand stores in Ardabil province, in the true sense of making forever to stay with We experience and proudly announce that we are the heroes of our era. Neither proud nor satisfied, we will continue on our way.

Statistics of what
we have done so far

Year of Record
Special personnel
Active Customer
Also, this collection has the honor of being the exclusive representative of the mentioned companies:
  • Pakvash products include Peril, Persil, Vernel, Taj, and Saf
  • Firouz Health Group products
  • Products of Zarmakaroun, Zarfam, Zar Fructor, Zarnam
  • Comprehensive and complete information bank of customers in the province with more than 4000 active customers
  • It has a regular and professional logistics system to distribute cargo in the shortest time
  • It has a professional sales system with the most up-to-date sales method