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Pakhsh Paydar Khavarmiane Co

About our company

Pakhsh paydar Khavarmianeh Company was founded in 2018 by the CEO Siamak Ahadzadeh and with 25 employees and more than 800 customers in the pharmacy, gallery, cosmetics, hygiene, perfumery, and hypermarket line. We are proud to cooperate exclusively with the following companies and specialize in the field of skin products. Awareness of the needs and demands of customers through study, reference, and research to provide optimal services and increase their level of satisfaction, cooperation and establish effective relationships with suppliers, and improve the quantity and quality of distribution and sale of their products to protect mutual interests and Sustainable, continuous development of the market share with emphasis on the principle of creativity, innovation, and use of opportunities to create added value for the beneficiaries and pay attention to the high values of human power are among the most important policies of the Middle East Sustainable Broadcasting Company

Also , this collection has the honor of being the exclusive and specialized agency of the mentioned companies:

  • Tehran Boran: Pars Hayan products (Arden, Folica, Hydroderm)
  • Shamim Tabiat Ara (Adra products)
  • Beh Avran Arash (BMS, Polyhot Moment)
  • Alborz Tejarat Yeganeh (Facedocs, SVI)
  • Bioskin
  • Jay Trading (Laborn Products)
  • Pars Sadra Technology: Saya Tab (Vitalayer, Elvina, Aisol, Belfamed, Bergamia)
  • Foman Wash (Penkol, Karagel)

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Our Services

It should be noted that the entire activities of the company, from the warehouse to the distribution route and the headquarters and the sales and marketing unit, are managed with modern methods and we have completely distanced ourselves from traditional tools and methods. Team cooperation, professional ethics, and continuous training, improving the quality of service for customers is the goal of the group and we have always taken steps in this direction, and our biggest pride and capital is having loyal staff and customers who are by our side like a family and day by day in We are increasing the market share of specialized skin products among our target customers.
  • It has a regular and professional logistics system to distribute cargo in the shortest time
  • It has a professional sales system with the most up-to-date sales method
  • Development of human resources and implementation of process quality control in all units and organizational levels
  • Executive sales operations based on a comprehensive marketing plan