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Celebrating Vitana’s 70th birthday

Hello Vitana on her 70th birthday!

Vitana Industrial Group (Public Stock), one of the oldest and most famous food industries in Iran, celebrated its 70th anniversary on Thursday, November 25, with the presence of its employees from 12 different brands, in the factory complex of Vitana Industrial Group located in Caspian Industrial Town of Qazvin.

“Vitana” is still young and energetic at the age of 70 due to its modern and up-to-date technology and continues its mission of job creation and high-quality production.At the company’s 70th birthday celebration, when it was decided to cut the company’s birthday cake by the secretary of the Federation of Food and Agriculture Industries, Mohsen Nachih, he invited the youngest member of the group (about 20 years old) to do this together. give and symbolically showed that Vitana, despite all her age and experience, is young and looking to the future!

With the use of the most modern and advanced machinery and technology in the world, Vitana offers diverse and high-quality products to its customers. Knowingly or unknowingly, Iranian tastes are well familiar with Vitana’s various products, and as one of the hosts of the event jokingly said: “Perhaps Iranians have eaten more Vitana biscuits than mother’s milk.”