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Why is the store shelf more important than advertising?

Branding experts talk a lot about the importance of advertising. They talk about digital media, social networks, broadcast television, cinema, radio, print, email, etc. True, all these things play an important role in brand growth. But is enough attention paid to the store shelf? Customers either buy from a shopping list or on impulse, or they know your brand throughout their lives and discover it on store shelves. In any case, there are three reasons for the importance of store shelves

position in the purchase decision

Store shelves are the best place to influence the purchase decision. In advertising, you have to spend hours debating and thinking about placement. But customers make purchasing decisions at the shelf. You might say that a lot of work is done before the sale so that the customer chooses your product, but he doesn't know about your efforts. Is it all about your luck? Everything else you do assumes that the customer will receive your message and possibly make a purchase in the future. But what percentage of the information that the customer receives on a daily basis remains in his mind?

Access to contacts

The shelves of large chain stores have hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. Few media have this level of access to the audience. So it is important to have a strong presence on the store shelf

last chance

This is your last chance to build a relationship (gaining trust, introducing the product and persuading the customer). Let's say they saw your ad, social media post, or PR report in the local news. Great! But communicating on the shelf is the last chance to deliver on the brand promise. Maybe a consumer interacts with your brand and products every day on Facebook, and that's certainly valuable, but if those likes and comments don't end up buying a product, your efforts are worthless. No matter how altruistic your business model is, buying a product is a customer's reward for the quality of your brand. If a shelf doesn't attract customers to you, what else will?

Source: Eagle broadcasting company website