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Excel class for supervisors

Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of Microsoft's office software, which is used to create and edit spreadsheets and perform mathematical and statistical calculations. Having various features, including formula writing, graphics, images, compiling and printing reports, Excel is used as one of the basic tools in many fields of work

It is safe to say that Microsoft Excel is one of the best, most popular, and most powerful software in the field of data organization, analysis, and monitoring. With Excel, you can easily manage, control and even visualize the data and information you want. Working in a networked space, detailed and large, in the form of a wide screen and with many features including charts, formulas, functions, programming space and dozens of other features, provides the possibility of monitoring and controlling the data easily. . We can name many fields of use for Excel. From home or shop use, as a simple accounting program or phone book, to use in large companies and organizations, to organize and analyze information, all are possible with Excel.Mehr Holding has provided this golden opportunity to learn introductory and advanced Excel courses for its employees, and has always prioritized the personal and social development of its members.

Source: Faradars site